Tailor Make Your Tour to Sri Lanka


Travexcel’s marketing consultants based in Colombo have been lovingly designing tailor-made Sri Lankan holidays for travelers from around the world since 2017.
Our holidays in Sri Lanka are carefully crafted to match your budget and our rates are so affordable that there is no point in fighting alone.
Acknowledged as one of the pioneering travel agencies in Sri Lanka, the achievement of Travexcel comes from treasuring our customers as individuals and offering the vacation ideas that meet your standards.

We want to know your idea of a perfect holiday on this beautiful island and explore the things you love to do, the places you want to stay and the way you want to fly around the island which has become one of the world’s warmest holiday destinations.
Whether you’re looking for a reputation in Sri Lanka for excellent upmarket properties or you’re searching for the sharpest value-

conscious properties on the island, our existing connections with the top 100+ properties in Sri Lanka give you confidence.
We are proud of a number of specialty set routes, the finest chauffeur guides and an unrivaled selection of events as well as the development of complete tailor-made tours.

Our destination specialists in Sri Lanka are happy to help you plan your trip to Sri Lanka – just choose the destination you most want from given attractive destination to make your trip the most precious and unforgettable in your life.

5 Good reason for planning with us your custom tour

1. Careful planing

We’ve been planning your trip a lot of time. According to your suggestion, we plan the routes for you. We try to present you to the various destinations of Sri Lanka through the itineraries. Your dream vacation guarantees the experience and a loving attitude with our travelers.

2.Flexible program

On a personal visit, you have the opportunity to stop and skip places invaded by the group of tourists at a place that may interest you.

3. Meet the real Sri Lanka

A regional operator, who has insights into local culture and customs, is preparing your journey. Be certain that your local guide has connections and a strong relationship with the best hotels for unforgettable accommodation on your journey. Please spend time with local people.

4.Great value, Low price

At an affordable price, we run eventful, stimulating services.

5. Tailor-made tour

We are privately planning your adventures. To people, lunches, families, acquaintances and parties, we plan customized trips. You can be confident that your private tour of Sri Lanka will take place without an outsider. We suggest and plan a trip that best meets your needs without any limitations.