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Sri Lanka is a great place for all those yogis who are feeling a little bit adventurous. It’s always great to change the location of your practice from time to time, get new experience in a truly fantastic setting of misty mountains, tropical forests and white beaches with azure waters. Nurture your spirituality as you venture into a mesmerizing yoga trip that will take you deep inside your mind and soul. There are numerous yoga retreats in Sri Lanka that offer gorgeous beaches and loads of healthy activities that will help you keep fit and enjoy your stay in the country to the fullest.
Enjoy a 10-day yoga pilgrimage at the picturesque Yoga Lighthouse, spend 14 days on the riverside at Mangrove Villa, experience a 5-day meditation retreat in Plantation Villa or combine your yoga with some quality surfing at Surf & Yoga Mirissa. Saraii Village offers an incredible Safari yoga retreat, while in Villa My Way you can join a 14-day yoga detox retreat. Soul & Surf is yet another place where you can do both – surfing and yoga.

If you want to liberate your body and soul, the combination of these two experiences is a perfect way to turn your life around and pave the way to a new you. Riding the crest of a wave can be as meditative as sitting in a yoga asana! Other yoga camps and retreats include: Wave Flow Yoga, a yoga center at Talalla-Matara, the Indian Cultural Center, and many others.