About Us

Welcome to Travexcel/ Who We Are.

The magic of Travexcel is a firm belief in what we do, that it creates a new life within itself with every experience.
As a cosmopolitan company, we provide all sorts of travelers personalized attention in several languages.
Our objective is the client who gives us the chance to serve and make Sri Lanka’s reality known. Transparency, fairness, formality, and responsibility are our conceptual standards.

Your enthusiasm is our stimulus. Your satisfaction is our motto. Our incentive is that another way of traveling is possible. We see our potential not only to respond to these changes, but also to anticipate the

Our Vision

Travexcel gives a new viewpoint where, as in this island, different cultures live in harmony.

We look further than the horizon to become the company and the best partner for our customers to provide them with innovative receptive tourism solutions, ensuring top-quality services that are dedicated to sustainable tourism.

Our Mission

We think that in our business, as in others, the level of personalized service has given way to concentrating on revenue. Our strategy focuses on consumers ‘ wishes, keeping in mind their best interests. Through delivering reliable, creative and value-for money products and services, we deliver value to our customers leveraging our strengths.

Providing incoming tourism solutions in Sri Lanka that are socially and environmentally responsible, fulfilling our customers ‘ needs, meeting their expectations and transforming their journey into a memorable experience.

We are proud to provide tailormade solutions for our clients, promote and endorse sustainable, socially responsible and environmentally sound economic activities.

We are committed to making a positive impact on people’s lives, economies, and the world’s climate. We are at your fingertips to support you 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Our Core Values

We get that enthusiasm and are proud of what we do and challenge each day.

We collaborate with our partners to develop and maintain long-lasting and mutually beneficial working relationships with dignity and honesty.

We must act responsibly to reduce negative impacts and maximize positive environmental, social and economic effects, ensuring our business ‘ long-term sustainability and the services we depend on.

We give personal attention, quality work, and maximum value to our customers. We believe in and show the meaning of the words by doing business in the most professional way.

Above conventional wisdom, they promote creativity.

We are working together to produce outstanding results. We want our company to be an enjoyable place for employees to work. This makes addressing the customer with a friendly smile on our face and in our speech simpler.

Honesty and Integrity
We agree that communications must always be open, fair and honest to our consumers, partners and employees. Our clients and associates ‘ interests will be met as a first priority.